Ken is a family man and husband of 23 years to his wife Kathryn and together they have 3 children. Ken is a true local who’s roots run deep in Southampton.

He started Southampton Estate Care in 1976 and has built a clientele that have remained loyal since day one. This is due to his dependability, accountability, and his ability to listen to his clients. He has worked successfully alongside many contractors, landscape designers and homeowners to deliver above standard results that are on time and on budget.

His ability to find and execute solutions makes him the right person for your estate management needs and his years of experience make him knowledgeable to get the job done right with efficiency and dependability.

Whether you are in need of a lawn care service, a total house renovation or anything in between, Ken is  the right choice. He Is committed to providing quality services and is on call 24/7 to take care of the unexpected that may arise.

Give him a call today to schedule a relaxed, one on one consultation.



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